Hypnotherapy Relaxation Music – Hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads

Welcome to Audio Therapy – Your ‘Lifecraft for Living’ Resource.

Audio Therapy makes it easy to access simple and proven methods for managing any identified area of your life that you think may need improvement or assistance.

Most of our CDs are a combination of ‘Guided Self-Hypnosis’ spoken words over a background of originally composed music that is designed for maximum benefit. Some CDs are motivational in purpose, such as the Weightloss, Quit Smoking and Golf CDs. Some CDs are purely relaxing and some are incredibly powerful in bringing about desired life changes and enhancing quality of life.

For Information on how safe and effective Hypnosis can be see our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Health & Well Being CDs & Downloads

    Provides simple methods for dealing with problems such as smoking, insomnia, depression, chronic pain and more.

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  • Lifestyle & Work CDs

    Learn how to improve your management of weight loss, relaxation and change or increase your levels of confidence and focus.
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  • Sport, Leisure & Spa CDs

    Use guided hypnosis techniques to bring the relaxation of a spa in to your home or let us help you improve your golf game!
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  • CDs for Women

    Learn self Hypnosis methods for increasing your fertility, improve the quality of your childbirthing experience or managing menopause symptoms.
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  • CDs for Children

    Designed to relax and entertain children while also teaching important lessons about life that will enrich their character.
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