CDs for Children

We have many exciting stories planned for this new category designed to relax and entertain children while also teaching important lessons about life that will enrich their character.

These audio stories for children aged between 4 and 9 are presented as adventure fables with music and words. These are best listened to by children at bedtime and other relaxation or ‘quiet times’.

‘Big Lollipy Lola’ is a story about Lola the dog who goes on a magic journey with her cousin Dennis the dog to Dinosaur Island. The story has an underlying message (via metaphor) about understanding and respecting others and not to bully them just because you are big. (the dinosaurs teach her this lesson). Bullying is currently a problem issue with some children these days as you would be aware.

Story is told by well known Sydney psychotherapist, counsellor and motivational trainer Peter Richard-Herbert, who is a trained clinical hypnotherapist with years of experience relating to and helping children and families with various issues, including the effects of bullying.

The background music is originally scored by Internationally acclaimed musician and sound engineer, Colin Berwick, who has added the sound effects of the jungle animals and other sounds of the journey. Guided imagery with music 30 minutes duration.

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    Travel to Dinosaur Island with Lola the dog, where the Dinosaurs teach her the importance of respecting others. CD SALE ON NOW! Normally $29.95.

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