Health & Wellbeing

This category provides simple methods for dealing with problems such as smoking, insomnia, depression chronic pain and more. These guided self Hypnosis CDs help improve specific areas of your physical or mental health that you have decided you need more attention for results.

Hypnosis is widely accepted as having major benefit for people wishing to Stop Smoking or have difficulty Sleeping, however it is useful in the areas of improving skin problems like Eczema or Hair loss due to stress or trauma. Hypnosis is also effective for personal issues such as Panic Attacks, Depression and can even improve quality of life for Asthmatics.

If you need to address your Smoking habit or your Blood Pressure for your serious Wellbeing, we suggest you also order the ‘Making a Lifestyle Change’ CD to fast-track your results. Note: These CDs are not meant to replace your prescribed medicine.

  • RelaxationOn SaleCover-Relaxation

    Enjoy pure relaxation instantly and effortlessly.This recording will help you relax and stay relaxed for days, storing relaxation in your mind and body.

    Order Pure Relaxation
  • Insomnia ReliefSleep-coverW

    This recording will help you reduce your sleeping difficulties through guided imagery and teach youself-how to induce relaxation. A popular therapeutic aid to insomnia.

    Order Insomnia Relief
  • Easier WeightlossWeight-coverW_h

    This CD will help you lose weight more easily and maintain a healthy self image. Safe and effective on its own or with a diet or exercise program.

    Order Easier Weightloss
  • Stop SmokingOn SaleSmoke-coverW

    Stop Smoking Now! This guided self hypnosis recording will help you learn to improve your health by eliminating smoking from your life.  CD SALE ON NOW! Normally $29.95.

    Order Stop Smoking
  • Combat AsthmaCombat Asthma

    This recording provides a simple way to combat your Asthma symptoms and work towards an Asthma free life. 

    Order Combat Asthma
  • Combat Skin ProblemsSkin-coverW

    Reduce the effects of Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne. Use this recording as a step towards eliminating them from your life completely.

    Order Combat Skin Problems
  • Control DepressionDepress-coverW

    This CD will help you to learn how to restore your ability to be happy, as well as increase your confidence and coping skills.

    Order Control Depression
  • Stop Panic AttacksPanic-coverW

    Learn how to overcome the psychological and physiological effects of panic attacks and work to eliminate them from your life.

    Order Stop Panic Attacks
  • Combat Hairloss AlopeciaHairloss-coverW

    Sudden Hair Loss (Alopecia) Therapy: Hypnotherapy is a proven way for you to restore your natural hair growth.

    Order Combat Hairloss - Alopecia
  • Improve Your Blood PressureBlood-coverW

    You really can influence your blood pressure and improve your health. This recording will help you relax and keep that relaxed feeling for days.

    Order Improve Your Blood Pressure MP3 @ $9.95
  • Overcoming Obsessive CompulsionObsessive-coverW

    This guided hypnosis technique will move you towards understanding the alternatives to your thought blocking rituals.

    Order Overcoming Obsessive Compulsion
  • Pain Relief – Relieve DiscomfortPain-coverW

    This CD delivers a guided imagery technique that has been proven in its ability to reduce the effect of pain and discomfort. Order Now.

    Order Pain Relief - Relieve Discomfort CD @ $15.95